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Backdoor Lacrosse has everything you need to string your Lacrosse stick... Lacrosse mesh, shooting laces, sidewall, stringing kits and more! We now offer Custom Team Apparel. 

From the beginner to the expert lacrosse player, choosing the right lacrosse mesh and laces is key to the success of any lacrosse player. Backdoor Lacrosse is dedicated to supplying TOP quality Lacrosse mesh, Lacrosse stringing supplies and lacrosse apparel such as sublimated lacrosse shorts, sublimated lacrosse shirts custom team apparel, Lacrosse hoodies and lacrosse t-shirts.

Backdoor Lacrosse supplies a wide range of lacrosse mesh, lacrosse shooting string and sidewall which are available in a variety of colors. Backdoor's custom Lacrosse mesh consist of 10 diamond hard lacrosse mesh, 10 diamond soft lacrosse  mesh, 10 diamond lacrosse goalie mesh, 12 diamond lacrosse goalie mesh, 17 diamond lacrosse goalie mesh, 6 diamond lacrosse mesh, 5 diamond lacrosse mesh, lacrosse mesh kits and lacrosse traditional kits

Our lacrosse shooting strings are available in three different styes consisting of argyle shooting strings, solid shooting string with tracers and solid shooting strings. We have a wide range of colors and styles in sidewall spools, crosslace and colored leathers which allows you to get creative when stringing your lacrosse stick. Our high end products will gear you up for any lax occasion. Backdoor also provides Lacrosse Accessories including Tape, Butt Ends, Rit-Dye and Ball Stops. We String all heads including Brine, Warrior or STX.

Where you purchase premium Lacrosse mesh should be a top priority, so browse our products to find the right Lacrosse mesh for you. Customize a Lacrosse mesh kit to fit your style and your game. 

Same day delivery available for orders placed by 2 p.m. EST Monday thru Friday

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